I did too, until I started working with a coach.

Whether you're stuck in a rut, overwhelmed with life, or dissatisfied with your career, I can help. Maybe you have everything you want but have the sense that something is missing.

I host online personal coaching experiences that provide a safe space to discover your hidden passions, goals, and anything that may be preventing you from achieving all that you desire from life and work.  Each session is designed to guide you through a series of self discovery questions and experiments that will cultivate curiosity and inspire you to take action on the things that matter. Pretty cool, right? Come on, don't wait any longer to get in on the action. Whether you are a college graduate, just married, new parent, or preparing for retirement, contact me for a no-fee initial session so you can be bold and passionate about life’s possibilities.

Collaborating with clients within the US and internationally, I offer professional coaching and consulting through a variety of methods, including online (Skype), over the phone, or in person. Together, we will discover the most effective coaching environment to fit your specific needs.

Get to know me!

As an international coach and consultant, I collaborate with educators, entrepreneurs, and executives so that they reach their full potential. With a PhD in education, I have mastered the process of achievement and can help you identify the tasks that will make the biggest impact on your day. My coaching philosophy values an inquiry-based intervention to cultivate leadership and ease.

I offer...

Personal Coaching

Are you exhausted at the end of the day? Let’s discover the tasks that will make the biggest impact, so you can start living life to its fullest


Academic Coaching

Are you stressed by the amount of work you need to complete? Let’s maximize your study habits and collaborate to get your work done.

Career Coaching

Have you lost motivation at work? Let’s systematize your work-flow and launch your productivity to a new level.

“I have done a lot of coaching, personal development and growth, and books, audios, and seminars on success, business, and personal productivity. I must say Dr. Julie has a very refreshing and unique style to her coaching. I am used to planning every aspect of my life, and when it doesn’t work out, I think I need to plan better. I think we all want more control of our lives, but Dr. Julie helped me realize I am the most powerful and productive when I am more flexible in my approach to life and business.”
-Dr. Michael Gorman