Students, let’s get your academic work done, together.
We are all different and focusing in school can be challenging. I have experience inside the classroom. If you are a student having trouble with homework, studying, or just fitting in at school, I can help. Together, we can discover the process for your journey at school to be less stressful and more productive!

Teachers, let’s improve the effectiveness of your instruction.
Don’t go through another day feeling isolated in your classroom. Academic coaching targets the most effective instructional routines so you don’t have to plan your instruction alone. Together, we will gather relevant resources, aligning standards, and create the conditions that will increase your students’ academic performance.

Administrators, let’s analyze data and align professional development training to your strategic planning.
I enjoy sitting down with school and board leaders to conduct a detailed assessment of the current school and workplace environment to identify areas where things are not getting done. As an outsider, I can provide feedback that targets new possibilities.

Academic Success Case Study

Meg Rishel is an instructional coach for K - 5 educators in the Eastern York School District. Despite her knowledge of theory and ability to support teachers as they implement technology, Meg was looking for guidance on how to design collaborative curriculum writing in a manner that would engage and energize classroom teachers to take action. Each coaching session cultivated her leadership skills by:

  • Identifying and prioritizing the variety of instructional needs.
  • Generating an interactive presentation that targeted effective instructional methods.
  • Preparing open-ended questions that engaged teachers in quality conversations.
  • Providing implementation support as educators systematized classroom literacy routines.

The focused inquiry process created a shift in Meg’s thinking, which allowed her to see situations from a different perspective, triggering new ideas and creating the conditions for more effective leadership. At the end of the school year, Meg has:

  • Published several blogs for the International Literacy Association.
  • Presented at state literacy conferences including PASCD and KSRA.
  • Taught a graduate level literacy course.
  • Found her voice as an educational leader within Ed Camps and the Twitter Community.

When asked how she developed her own personal leadership style Meg reflected:

 “Coaching with Julie helped me grow as a literacy leader. I went from talking at teachers to collaborating with teachers. Without coaching, I would have hidden behind educational research and avoided having uncomfortable conversations. Now teachers recognize that I am here to support them, free of judgement, and that I will continue to work with them until they are able to do it on their own.”