You weren’t born with the ability to get things done. We can collaborate and you can learn how to succeed in ALL areas of your life. Since there is no single path or correct pace for you as a unique individual, we can discover the process that feels right for you so you can achieve your goals!

Personal Success Case Study

Joanne owns Abrom Vocal Studio and thrives on helping others reach their goals. She felt overwhelmed and exhausted from the responsibilities of being a wife, a mother of three extremely successful daughters, and teaching over 100 students in her studio. During our weekly coaching sessions, Joanne and I evaluated her work schedule, parenting style, and core values. Together we discovered she felt:

  • Unsupportive as a mother if she wasn’t involved in her daughters’ daily decisions.
  • Obligated to fill every minute of her day with vocal lessons.
  • Discontent with her professional growth.

Coaching gave Joanne permission to analyze what she wanted her life to look like and then she took action to create that environment. At this point in our coaching, Joanne:

  • Guides her daughters to take ownership of their life by asking questions instead of giving answers.
  • Schedules her time based on the vision of her life, rather than trying to complete a random list of tasks.
  • Ignites adventure in her marriage by exploring new career goals and having quality conversations.

Joanne shared, “The best part of coaching is that Julie keeps me moving forward from an empowered place. Instead of trying to do more and more, I discovered the key to improving my effectiveness was reducing my daily responsibilities. I no longer feel guilty if I take time for myself. As a result, my daughters are more proactive, my relationship with my husband is better than ever, and I have the freedom to further my career as a voice teacher and singing voice specialist.”