"High-performers don’t need help. They are already on track toward achieving great things. However, part of what makes these individuals high-performers is they seek out coaches, experts, and mentors who demand more of them than anyone else on the planet. Dr. Julie B. Wise is one of those people who seeks and demands. She is both a coach to elite performers and is an elite performer herself. She sought me out as her coach because she is a high-achiever who yearns to play a big game on the world’s stage; and she has accomplished just that. I have witnessed her incredible gifts first hand and if you are a high-achiever, I highly recommend you contact her. She is a powerhouse at taking individuals and companies to great heights in record time. She is a laser beam that zeros in on what people want in their lives and businesses, and she helps to create a clear and manageable path to accomplish those goals.
If you’re reading this you must be seeking support.  Look no further.  You cannot go wrong by contacting Julie and having her work her magic." 

-Walker Clark
Elite Performance Coach (My own coach – check him out!)

Personal Success

"Julie B. Wise gave me some of the greatest coaching that I have received in my two years as the CEO of Rhymes with Reason. Julie gave me unique, strategic advice regarding my approach in increasing my company's exposure in the world of education, but most importantly Julie encouraged me, and was extremely reaffirming about the importance of the work that I am doing. Moving the needle in the world of education, is a job that requires great patience, and persistence. Julie’s words of motivation, coupled with her creative, insightful consultation would undoubtedly be an asset to anybody who is doing work that helps create (as she often says) 'life-long learners.'"

-Austin Martin
CEO, Rhymes with Reason

"I felt completely overwhelmed and alone when it came to getting things done around the house. During our sessions with Julie, my husband and I shared our goals and challenges. My husband is now helping with the house and taking care of our three children. Also, I always felt guilty because I was not completely following the suggestions from my husband regarding personal development.  Now my husband asks me what I want to do in terms of personal development instead of putting his beliefs on me. I can honestly say that after only a few weeks things have changed dramatically. Thank you so much Julie!"

-Kim G.
Office Manger

"I have always understood the benefit of coaching; however, I didn't think I needed or would benefit from it. Then I met Julie. Julie has inspired and motivated me. She collaborates on ideas, holds me accountable, and helps me see life from a different perspective. As a coach, Julie is open-minded and free of judgement. I have learned and continue to learn through our sessions. She sets the example of an amazing coach."

-Rianna Nicole
Yoga Instructor

Academic Success

"Before I met Julie, I rarely thought I was good enough in school and I would often shut down and stop being productive because of it. Julie helped me organize the work I was doing, and more importantly, she helped teach me to be proud of my work and to not limit myself. Now I feel much more capable and motivated to get things done!"

-Claire G.
11th Grade Student

"I spent a lot of my time worrying that I didn't understand everything that was taught in class. I also had trouble getting my morning routine together. I learned how to retrain my brain to take action and just do what I know to do."

-Allie S.
10th Grade Student

"Julie consistently exhibits a pleasant, professional demeanor while modeling best instructional practices for her colleagues in various staff development programs. She is always prepared and highly competent in meetings with consultants, teachers, administrators, board members, and community members. Julie has worked with the high school and middle school teachers, as well as administrators to create plans for improving student literacy. This included developing a comprehensive set of literacy experiences tied to power standards specific to the Common Core Standards and eligible content. She also worked extensively with the elementary teachers, incorporating technology and establishing a hybrid literacy framework with a balance of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Since Julie has been working with teachers in this district, our scores have been in the top quadrant for performance and growth. Julie is appreciated by her colleagues because she has a knack for communicating technical and pedagogical information in ways that her colleagues understand."

-Dr. Rita Becker
Assistant Superintendent, Eastern York School District

Career Success

"I can't thank you enough for that amazing session. You really do have quite a gift. I had no idea what to expect so I went into the session with a very open mind and figured that you would guide me into talking about a plan for my business but you really did so much more than that. You went the back end and started with me and the foundation. You got me to open up and took me back to a very raw and truthful place. I feel empowered and I see a much clearer vision of who I am and what is it that I am doing with myself and my career. Basically, YOU ROCK!

-Michael Webber
Photographer, The Wedding Horse

"I appreciate Julie's patience, ability to be consistent in keeping me accountable and reflecting me back to me. I feel safe, comfortable and accepted for all my faults, excuses and reasons not to do things-- all while having a kind, compassionate fire lit under my feet to keep me moving. Julie won't ask you to not be yourself--but to be a better version of yourself, by challenging your belief systems and re-framing anything that might be holing you back from being successful. Working with Julie I feel empowered, supported and believed in. If I stumble, she's right there helping me back up, dusting me off, and cheering me on to continue my journey."

-Jacintha Roemer
CEO, Jaz Hands Massage and Acupuncture

"When I met with Julie, I shared some hardships I had been going through. She helped me realized that I really didn't know what I wanted to do financially to earn an income. Over the next few sessions we examined my passions and goals so I could create a career that would truly fit my lifestyle, something that would bring freedom and happiness to my life. I felt empowered and focus on what it was I was going to do. Julie has been an inspiration in helping me build my own successful business."

-Laurie Price
CEO, Sister Sweepers Cleaning Service