With the dawn of social media and cutting-edge technology, workforce demands require instantaneous results and feedback. In this current environment, business leaders and employees may find it difficult to feel a sense of achievement due to an incredible amount of moving parts throughout the workday. I believe improving employee engagement begins with a detailed assessment to identify areas where things are and are not getting done. As an outsider, I can provide feedback that targets new possibilities and aligns leadership training with future-based goals and create actionable steps that will catapult your growth.


Career Success Case Study

Dr. Jaz Roemer is a bi-coastal practitioner in the integrative health services industry. After establishing the San Diego Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture Clinic and growing the practice to include 11 other practitioners, the responsibilities of being a leader in the field left Dr. Jaz feeling overwhelmed and disorganized. During our coaching sessions, we uncovered and reframed belief systems that were holding her back:

  • Speaking in front of people is difficult.
  • People don’t value Chinese Medicine.
  • There is a lack of time to educate and instruct others about a healthy lifestyle.

Although Dr. Jaz was a member of two different networking groups, she discovered that collaborating with a coach provided the individual attention she needed to brainstorm ideas and admit to things that weren’t effective at work and at home. At this point in our coaching, Dr. Jaz has:

  • Empowered her colleagues to have quality conversations during monthly staff meetings.
  • Developed the confidence to create and conduct health care classes each month.
  • Streamlined her schedule so that she spends most of her time practicing acupuncture.
  • Cultivated ease when making decisions and taking action.

When asked to reflect on her growth, Dr. Jaz said:

“Julie’s inquiry-based coaching process has made me a better practitioner, human being, and health care provider. After 12 years of trying to figure out how to grow my business on my own, I finally have a full time schedule that is booked out for two-weeks with a waiting list of clients. For the first time in my career, I am earning a profit! If I didn’t coach with Julie, I would have been slow to implement ideas and afraid to design the life I wanted to live.”