Ease: I Get To...

I recently had a session with a doctor who spent her day haphazardly trying to finish daily tasks in between caring for patients. By the end of the day, she was exhausted with her effort and overwhelmed with the long list of patient documentation. After asking a few inquiry questions, she discovered she viewed life from a place of lack by thinking, “I HAVE TO” complete all my tasks right now. I asked her to imagine a work day where she GOT TO help patients get a good night sleep.

Cultivating ease requires a relaxed readiness to experience each moment as a wonderful opportunity where you GET TO serve others. My client was surprised at how EASE-y (pun intended) it was to change her state of mind by saying, “I GET TO review patient charts,” “I GET TO record important notes on patient visits,” and “I GET TO ask for feedback from other doctors.” Once she changed her focus, she started to feel a sense of increased energy toward her work. When she started to approach daily tasks with a sense of purpose and satisfaction from serving others, the heaviness of the workload disappeared. As a result, she was able to meet the challenges of each day with ease.

Take the Action Challenge to cultivate ease in your work day:

  1. Identify the thoughts you have when you go to work: I never have enough time, I can’t get it all done, I HAVE TO…
  2. Instead of listing your daily tasks, write down the results from completing each task: Patients learn strategies to sleep better, patients feel supported, patients heal
  3. Create affirmations by placing I GET TO in front of each result: I GET TO help patients learn strategies to sleep better
  4. Cultivate ease by stating these affirmations before you begin each task.

Don’t waste another moment thinking you HAVE TO. Deciding to approach tasks as a wonderful opportunity where you GET TO serve others will add ease to your work day. I would love the opportunity to support you as you implement this action challenge.